Connecting citizens one neighbourhood at a time

Communities are the heartbeat of our lives.  With this in mind, we offer a full suite of services to allow communities and grassroots organizations across Canada meet their goals.  With an emphasis on supporting rural and underserviced areas, we pride ourselves on being effective, practical and real. 

Solutions we offer

Youth Programs

“Unboring education.”  That term was first used by a teacher after seeing our approach to youth development.  Using games, activities & initiative tasks that teach; our facilitators engage, have fun and promote positive growth with your students. Our wide portfolio of programs will have your kids laughing and learning at the same time.

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Life:space logo
Life:SPACE Designed for: Grades 3 - 12

Life: Social Skills, Problem Solving, Accountability and Character Education.  LifeSPACE is the do-it-all social development program you’ve been looking for that will energize, challenge and change the way your kids will view themselves and their actions.  Activities and games are used constantly to engage students and make learning fun; and natural student behaviour and responses form teachable moments which are central to the program.

Agora logo
Agora Designed for: Youth aged 10 -20

Agora is the Greek word for “a common place of assembly”.  With this in mind, Atlantic Youth facilitates group sessions for youth and/or families to share and explore their common strengths and challenges. Agora sessions are hosted at local meeting facilities such as community centers or libraries. These age-specific groups of no less than 5 and no more than 10 people meet for an hour every week for a period of 8 weeks.   Working collaboratively with a group leader who has expertise in the topic at hand, the purpose is for the youth to learn about themselves and others through shared experiences and group activities.  Group topics include social skill development, leadership skills, anger management, substance abuse, life skills and more. 

CHOiCES logo
CHOiCES Designed for: Students in grades 6 -12

CHOiCES is a harm reduction modeled substance abuse education program for junior and senior high school students.  Using games and activities to make learning fun and help drive home messages coupled with an easy to read, full-color manual; the program challenges norms and common misconceptions about drugs and alcohol.

Lead program logo
Lead Designed for: Student leaders in grades 7-12

Lead is an engaging workshop series for youth that builds teamwork and develops problem solving and interpersonal skills in peer and community leaders.  By working through physical and mental initiatives, participants experience group and individual creativity, camaraderie, accountability and trust. Group activities, games, challenges, and communication initiatives all form the core content of this energizing, fun, stimulating, and meaningful program.

Rehtaeh Speaks logo
Rehtaeh Speaks Designed for: Students, Parents and Teachers

This powerful presentation involves two distinct components.  First, an assembly styled keynote is delivered by Leah Parsons, the mother of Rehtaeh Parsons; a Halifax teen who committed suicide as a result of the devastating effects of cyberbullying.  Second, participants participate in small group breakout sessions where purposeful conversation exchanges help process what was just spoken about.  This memorable and impactful experience will change the way youth see themselves and their actions.  This workshop is available for both adults and youth. 

RespiteCYC logo

Families with children with special needs or behavioural concerns can look to Atlantic Youth for qualified, reliable and insured staff that they can depend on to provide much needed respite care services. RespiteCYC pairs a professional and experienced Child and Youth Care Worker with families for short or long term respite.  This care can be provided in the home, at central locations in the community, or as a recreational or social activity.  Every service arrangement is customized around your needs so please contact us for more information.


Those Girls logo
Those Girls Designed for: Girls in grades 3 -10

Statistics say the biggest problems in bullying today come from girls. Many schools would agree and tell you they are at odds with how to deal with what has now become their number one social problem: conflicts between girls.  Constant battles, cyclical arguments, irrational thoughts and thinking errors all lead to an uprising in social and relational aggression in girls.  This girl-only program is designed to get to the root of the issues. Using group-building exercises, empathy-based activities and self-reflection, each girl will walk away feeling more secure, more confident, and more aware of their impact on each other.

Walkbus logo
Walkbus Designed for: Northern and rural school communities

Designed specifically for isolated, northern, and small rural communities, WalkBus is a coordinated and safe “walk-to-school” program that targets issues such as bullying, vandalism, tardiness, absenteeism and safety.  To facilitate this, we map out the paths and shortcuts students typically take to get to and from school from all over the town, and create a realistic community schedule to get students to school on time, every day.

Youth Mentorship logo
Youth Mentorship Designed for: Families and youth aged 10-25

Families or youth in need often do not know who to turn to for support.  The Youth Mentorship Program is a one-on-one pairing between a trained, experienced Child and Youth Worker (CYCW) and an individual in need.  Working directly with the youth, family and school with an informal and solution seeking approach – the CYW is the guide, processor and coach, helping to facilitate change in the life of the youth. Meeting at a schedule of the family and/or school’s discretion, the CYCW works with the youth in their own environment to set goals, work through issues and move forward in their lives.

Adult Workshops

Whether improving specific professional skills or awareness, developing positive teamwork, providing scaffold styled supports or simply human interest, we have workshops and programs for staff, parents and community members that can help.  With a wide variety of topics and entertaining, experienced facilitators, our workshops always leave participants refreshed, motivated and encouraged.

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Assist logo

ASIST is an award-winning program created by Livingworks© which is designed to help normal everyday people develop skills and confidence needed to be able to help people at risk for suicide. Emphasizing structured small-group discussions and practice, the course uses a 20-page workbook and audiovisuals. Participants receive a 152-page Suicide Intervention Handbook.  ASIST is designed to help all caregivers become more ready, willing and able to help persons at risk. Prepared caregivers can help prevent suicide.


Community Connections

Outreach seminars on pertinent topics, allowing area residents of all ages to directly engage in meaningful conversation on a wide variety of topics.  Topics range from issues relevant to the community such as health, gender, religion and community issues to topics of a global scale such as recent events, environment, consumerism and technology.

Community Navigator

Meeting community needs by facilitating a wide variety of programming or services for a particular group of individuals

Mental Health Info

Specific engaging and informative sessions on topic relating to mental health such as stigma, trauma, attachment, treatment outcomes, medications, mental illness, support networks and more.  Facilitators come from a wide scope of expertise; most with their own personal experiences.

Pivot Point logo
Pivot Point

A community specific and comprehensive strategy for improving the delivery and effectiveness of local youth-sector services.  Through the course of youth-led conversations, stakeholder audits and comprehensive analysis of existing youth-sector supports, action oriented plans are generated and put in action designed to increase the effectiveness, teamwork, success and viability of youth supports and services. 

Profession Progression logo
Profession Progression

Need specific information?  This series of workshops is designed for staff and parents on a wide variety of topics relevant to youth.  With a large network of industry professionals with real-life experiences and thoughts, Atlantic Youth is your one stop source for workshops that cut to the chase and deliver sound, current advice.  Available workshop topics include adolescent mental health, violence prevention, self-harm, LGBTQ awareness, substance abuse, youth engagement, self-esteem, social media, parenting, gangs, current youth trends and more. Contact us with your specific needs.

Street Worker

Targeting gang prevention, homelessness, prostitution and 

Youth Trends

Youth Trends is an informative and interactive workshop designed to generate awareness, thought and conversation.  Through an entertaining presentation, this session examines a wide array of current topics affecting youth including sexuality, mental health, addiction, online activities and more.


Troubleshooting.  Capacity building.  Restructuring. Schools, communities and organizations amid change may find themselves in need of a fresh pair of eyes.  With this in mind, we offer comprehensive and efficient consulting services designed to meet a variety of organizational goals. We specialize in small and large scale community projects relating to youth; from conceptualization to completion.

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Fund Development

Grant writing, crowd funding campaigns and strategies that help organizations develop fundraising goals and objectives and align project timelines and specifics with set budgets.

Goal Formation / Strategic Planning

Effective conversations and streamlined workshops intended to help organisations reach their full capacity and meet their intended goals and outcomes.

Youth Engagement

Assisting communities, governmental agencies and schools in their goal to develop positive youth engagement strategies and youth-led projects.

Relief Staffing

We understand human resource challenges. We know that people get sick, vacations occur, situations change and things pop up. That’s why we offer interim staff for the youth and social service sector. Our amazing team of experienced, qualified and professional support personnel are available at a moment’s notice. In one phone call, your operation will be back in full swing. 

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After School Programming

Develop and facilitate meaningful recreation and social development programming for youth

Child and Youth Care Worker

Relational approach, skilled interpersonal professional to work with individual or groups of youth in a variety of capacities.