PurePlay Events

Rule number one: It has to be fun.

We understand the value of fun, we've built our company on it!  Now we're bringing it directly to you with our over-the-top, exciting and innovative play experience for groups of all ages.  Jam packed with fun and adventure, these events are perfect for birthday parties, special events, carnivals, youth groups, camps, churches, family reunions, weddings and more.  Pick from one of our awesome themed adventures and our team will come to your home, a park, community event, school or any location of your choice and deliver an amazing play experience. 



​Cool down those hot summer days with aquadventure - our event focusing on all things water!  Ever wanted to shoot a water balloon cannon?  Think you can stop a sneak attack with a mega sized water gun?  Ever wondered if dodgeball is more fun with water drenched sponges?  This action packed PurePlay event is sure to leave your group energized and totally soaked!

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What goes up must come down!  This hilarious event focuses on building things up and then destroying it back down!  Groups of all sizes will laugh and smash their way through crazy events like the Teeter Tower and real life Angry Birds on their way to total destruction!   

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Giants have playdates too!  (We know this because we borrowed their toys...) This fun experience for all ages will give your group the chance to play games - built for giants!  Oversized and totally hilarious, but still easy to use and play, everyone loves the hands on activities we'll bring to your event.  

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Scooters are fun on their own, but have you ever seem them played as a real life hungry hungry hippo?  What about a human bowling ball?  Think you could win the high speed city chase? All this and more awaits your group with scooterfest - the event that is all things scooter!  All you need is a smooth floor and an open room and we bring the rest.  This session is 'wheely wheely' fun!"  (groan...we know)

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Have a group that loves soccer?  Bring their soccer dreams to a new level with Supernova Soccer.  During this action packed event players will participate in hilarious and challenging variations on the world's most popular sport.  Want to see what it's like to play soccer with a 40" soccer ball?  Want to play crazy versions of soccer like soccer spy, secret team, shrinking player, four goal and more?  Bring us in for a high energy, over the top soccer experience!

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Think you're pretty smart, eh?  Well then, is your group ready to test it out in our challenge event?  This jam-packed session brings a slew of maddening mind benders, puzzling puzzles, problematic problems and more that must be solved with patience, careful thought and sometimes luck! Test your ability to think on the fly with these hilarious challenges for all ages!

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Got a team that wants to test it's ability?  We bring the most amazing team challenges right to your space.  Perfect for groups of any size, our unique challenges, awesome activities and innovative initiatives will see your group using their most amazing skill - their ability to work as a team!

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How many games can you play?   We've scoured the globe and came up with the best and most fun games and we want to share them with you.  Our favorite games are either hilarious like evolution or triangle tag, loud like ah-soh-koh or dragons and wizards or fast paced like streets and alleys or toe-tic-tac!  Any way you look at it, this high energy and totally exhausting event is nothing but fun, fun, fun!  Guaranteed to make you smile!

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