Shawn Wood

Senior Associate / CYCW
Shawn Wood, Senior Asociate, CYC-P

Born in Charlottetown PEI, Shawn is a Certified Child and Youth Care Practitioner (CYC-P)  who's lengthy youth care career started after he graduated from Holland College with a Diploma in Child and Youth Care in 2004.  Shawn recently completed his Bachelor of Social Work and is now working on his Masters with a focus on video game addictions.

Shawn has a broad range of professional experiences, such as working with at-risk youth in Toronto, assisting the homeless population and working with clients with mental health and addiction needs in hospital based care. He has also worked as a community educator for the LGBT community, educating schools and providing professional development for organizations across Nova Scotia.  Shawn was part of the organizing committee of the 2016 National Child and Youth Care Conference and is a passionate advocate for Certification in the youth care community.