Troy Allen

Senior Associate / CYCW

Since earning a degree in Child and Youth Studies from Mount Saint Vincent University, Troy Allen has accumulated a significant volume of professional experience working and volunteering with youth. For almost a decade, Troy has worked as a front-line Youth Worker, Case Manager, Youth Advocacy Worker and Youth Mentor with Halifax Regional Municipality’s Gang Intervention program, The IWK Youth Justice Team, IWK Adolescent Center for Treatment (ACT) and Phoenix Youth Programs.

Troy uses an asset-based approach for empowering and connecting youth, families and communities in ways they all feel valued, respected and capable.  Recognizing the role of stress and trauma on the lives of youth and their families, Troy supports the development of healthy relationships, social skills and effective communication.  As a natural community networker, Troy also assists in navigating health, education, community service and justice systems.

Troy is most known for his ability to build and maintain healthy, empowering relationships with youth, families and community stakeholders.  As every situation has its own unique circumstances, Troy is skilled in assessing social, emotional and developmental needs while encouraging the development of personal goals with realistic plans for attaining success.

Listening, mediating, coaching, supporting, supervising and being present with youth and families has allowed Troy an opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of over 100 youth and their families who seek change.